My passion for food and art has been rolled into The Bourbon Tart! For many years, I’ve been entertaining friends with gatherings centered around food. Almost always those gatherings ended with a homemade pastry filled with seasonal fruit for guests to enjoy. The perfect pairing for fine bourbon or wine is a nice dessert made with equally high-quality ingredients. Now, these gourmet tarts are available— the newest food offering in Bourbon Country— for you and your guests too.                                                       —Cat Henry

To get acquainted with our delectable Bourbon Tarts, please see some frequently asked questions below.

How do you know a good tart when you see one? The best ingredients go into our Bourbon Tarts. Fresh fruit harvested at its peak and whenever possible we use organic fruit in our tarts. The color of a good tart should be vibrant and the scent fragrant.


Is there bourbon in these tarts? Our flaky, all-butter crust has a drizzle of bourbon added as the last ingredient– which may be detected in the crust’s flavor after baking.


Why only four tart selections each season? With the freshest ingredients in mind, a limited number of seasonal fruits are available. We keep it simple and delicious.


How many slices will I get in each tart? The 11” tarts will yield 8 to 10 healthy slices.


Why do you make tarts and not pies? Pies are delicious indeed, however, a tart typically has more filling and less crust. Additionally, a tart can be removed and boxed without a pan, using fewer resources.